Utility Work and Roadside Services

Our team offers specialist services for managing trees and vegetation near important utilities, ensuring their safety and smooth operation.

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Utility Work in Carlisle & Cumbria

Experts at Utility and Roadside Tree Management

We specialise in commercial vegetation management for utility companies across the North of England & South of Scotland. We are utility specialists, focusing on cutting back trees and vegetation near electrical power lines, rail networks, waterways and telecommunications infrastructure. Our priority is maintaining a safe distance between trees and power lines to enhance electricity safety and reliability.

In Britain, our ever so unpredictable weather can often lead to trees and vegetation causing trouble with essential services like power lines. At White’s Tree Services, we have an excellent team of utility arborists who specialise in managing vegetation near electricity supplies, as well as around telecommunication, waterway, and rail networks.

Our utility arborists are thoroughly trained & qualified, holding NPTC UA certificates of competency in arboriculture as a minimum. They’re authorised to work close to electricity supplies, ensuring everything is safe & up to standard. Our team carries out vegetation management meticulously, following the line clearance standards set by ENATS 43-8 and ETR 132 resilience.

When you choose White’s Tree Services for your utility and roadside works, you can rest assured that your essential services will be protected from the whims of the weather, keeping everything running smoothly and safely.

Utility Works & Roadside Tree & Vegetation Clearance by White's Tree Services in Carlisle & Cumbria.
Utility Works & more in Carlisle & Cumbria

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